• Dr Parveen Shahzadi

    Dr Parveen Shahzadi

    Gynae Opd
    Dr. Parveen Shahzadi is serving as a Consultant Gynecologist in Gynae Department and her...
  • Dr. Amir Mumtaz

    Dr. Amir Mumtaz

    Dr. Amir Mumtaz is serving as a G.P in OPD Department.
  • DR. Shoaib

    DR. Shoaib

    DR. Shoaib is serving as a Medical Specialist in OPD Department and his education...
  • Dr. Nadia Wali

    Dr. Nadia Wali

    Dr. Nadia Wali is serving in Laboratory Life Hospital
  • Dr. khizar Ansar

    Dr. khizar Ansar

    Dental Unit
    Dr. khizar Ansar is serving in OPD Department and his education is BDS, RDS,CHPE,MME.
  • Dr. Farooq Ahmed

    Dr. Farooq Ahmed

    Eye Centre
    Dr. Farooq Ahmed is serving as a Eye Surgeon in Eye Department and her...
  • Dr. Sadia Irshad

    Dr. Sadia Irshad

    Gynae Opd
      Dr. Sadia Irshad is serving as a Gynaecologist and her education is MBBS....

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